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Florida | Chicago | Wisconsin

  • Executive Producer –  8 Episodes
  • Associate Producer – 2-4 Episodes
  • Segment Sponsor – 1 Episode

Our team will review your submission and call back for an interview based on your application. Due to the high demand, not all applicants will be selected. You are welcome to re-submit for future seasons

If you have an agency and would like to exclusively interview your agents, let’s talk.  Contact  Jon Taylor or 414-795-8866

Home, America Application

  • Optional - Create a short video showing your personality, creativity and why you should be on the show.
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How many guests are on each episode? Three total, one representative from each sector. 1 Real Estate Agent/Agency, 1 Mortgage Agent, 1 Supporting agency. ( Assessor, inspector, contractor )

How long is my segment? 5-9 minutes per segment. The host will ask questions about current market conditions.

Will my competitor be on the show? No, we select only one person from each sector, and we are careful to choose agents from different regions of the city or area

Do I get a copy of the show?

Besides exposure to a targeted audience of buyers and sellers, you also receive:

  • The full episode and 
  • Your segment, 
  • 3 quote cards, along with 
  • 3 video clips from your segment.
  • 3 promotional videos for your company recorded on set during our session.


    Where is the show recorded?

    Various locations across the country.  Florida, Chicago, Wisconsin, Nashville, Raleigh Durham, and Charlotte.

    When does the show air?

    Each week a new episode will air Saturday mornings on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Roku.

    Are sponsorship opportunities available?

    Exclusive sponsorship is available; don’t hesitate to get in touch with our production team to discuss the possibility.

    Can I be on the show every week?

    Unfortunately no, We can, however, have you once a month. The show has more viewers, and the content is better received when we have different guests each week. If you do commit to 3 months